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  • I realize that this isn't TPRI and maybe posting about one's equipment isn't as much a thing here as in other forums, so I'll try to not inundate people with purely instrument stuff.

    But, to misquote Melville, "ah the hypocrisy." I just finished putting together another guitar today and I'm kind of excited about it so thought I would share.

    It's a Roasted Swamp Ash body (Warmoth), finished with Tried & True cherry cerise stain and then with their original oil finish.
    Warmoth neck.
    TK Smith Charlie Christian style neck pickup (CCII pole piece), with a matching Curtis Novak bridge pickup, and a Rutters bridge & saddles. I love the pickups.

    Needs a setup, but I'll play it for a while first and let it settle in.

    TKCharlie.jpg 86K
  • Nice! I noticed that Jason Loughlin as the Christian in the neck position too. And Bill Frisell. I'd love to try that out some time.
  • First major change, already. I'm going to rewire the guitar and put in a 500K volume pot (while keeping the 250K tone pot). This was TK's suggestion. I can always roll back the tone when only playing the bridge.
  • Wow... it looks so great!

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