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Magic Sam
  • This is so good, I had to post it...

  • Holy cow! That is too awesome. Magic Sam was a bad man.
  • HOW have I never heard of this guy?!?!?!? Going to look him up now, thanks for the introduction, Jim!
  • So many cool things about this video, such as Sam getting such a fantastic tone out of a borrowed (Earl Hooker´s) cheap Univox and a Sound City backline amp - and his "Hendrix Woodstock" strap to boot! The man was a monster, no doubt.

    You´re in for a treat, ruger9. Magic Sam is absolutely essential listening, IMO. Check out his Cobra sides and West Side Soul if you have the chance.
  • Here's a longer version of the clip with a short interview and another song (All Your Love):
  • Magic Sam was always my all around favorite blues guy. You don't get the nickname Magic for nothing.
  • Love this version! i've been working it out, it's quite challenging...
  • You gotta check out his live album "Rockin' Wild In Chicago"! The sound quality isn't the best but the performance is on point. One of the best live blues albums in my collection... along with Otis Rush's "Live At The Wise Fools Pub" of course.

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