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Fender Champ build kits?
  • Jim turned me onto the idea that smaller is better, a la the Fender Princeton. Going one step further, I caught the Julian Lage Trio on Saturday night in Kansas City. Simply fantastic. Julian played a telecaster straight into a vintage tweed Fender Champ. No pedals, no nonsense. Tone was jazzy when he rolled off the volume a bit, but gritty and articulate when at full volume.

    My question is, does anyone have recommendations for a similar amp currently in production? Vintage tweed Champs regularly go for $2k online, and you don't get to plug in and play before pulling the trigger. Someone just turned me onto Champ build kits online, but I'm not exactly what most would call "mechanically inclined," so I'm hesitant.


    Thanks all,

    - matt
  • Looks pretty cool. Difficulty is listed as 1 on a scale of 1-5 (beginner). You probably won't find a simpler circuit. If I was to do it I would consider opting out of the speaker and possibly the tubes.
  • Or if you don't feel comfortable with building, there are quite a few really good clones for more reasonable prices. Clark and Victoria amps spring to mind. Also, the Fender EC Champ is quite good and it has a very usable tremolo.

    I'm quite lucky to own a '59 Tweed Champ. It and a good Tele are a super sweet match.
  • Thanks all.

    The EC Champ is ideal (Tremolo is the only effect I'd potentially pair with a small amp), but I can't swallow the $2k price tag for a practice amp that will live in my bedroom.

    Someone is selling a 70's silverface Fender Champ in my area on Craiglist for $400. Three nob version (Vol, Treb, Bass) and it is CLEAN. I haven't played one before. Thoughts?
  • Where are you finding EC VibroChamp's at 2k? They're around $900 new/$700 used.

    The 70's silver face Champ's are just fine too. The earlier the better, but try out the one locally and see what you think. It won't sound like a tweed Champ though. I have both a tweed Champ and Black Face Champ. Love them both but prefer the Tweed. Especially with a Tele. I will say the black/silver face Champ's sound a little less boxy than the tweed Champ. More open. Good luck with your search.
  • Apologies TeleGirl, $2k for the Tremoluxs.

    I picked up the 70s silverface Champ locally for $350 over the weekend. It's super clean. I already plan to swap out the stock speaker for a Weber 8a125; after trolling the web over the weekend, there are a ton of people happy with this.
  • Awesome price for a nice little amp! Enjoy!
  • My Fender Champ 1958 sounds really well. It's my favorite Amp


    From the Netherlands(Europe)
    PhotoGrid_1367686693602.jpg 48K
  • Ho Ho Ho, everyone!

    My Weber 8a125 shows up today. I'm watching the front door like a hawk until it arrives.

    Anyone have tube suggestions for a Silverface Champ? I know exactly NOTHING about tubes. Any suggestions that might help fill out the bottom end would be appreciated (as Jim says, no one ever asked a tele for more treble).
  • Hi Geetar-

    Although in the past I advocate holy grail new/old stock tubes, they are getting REALLY pricey - if your amp repairman can find you a good pair of Sovtek tubes, you'll be doing okay. Better then okay.

    Have great day- Jim
  • If you are interested in NOS tubes go to the KCA NOS Tubes website and take a peek. Good luck!

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