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The Distillery Signature Edition.
  • Yes, I'm a huge fan of Jim's. Toploader Telecaster and The Distillery. My regret: Not being part of the Kickstarter campaign that brought us the latest album. My favorite track: Sweet Nothings.

    Thanks, Jim. You're a great inspiration and teacher.image
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  • Mark- I really appreciate your kind words. I'm glad you're happy with the Distillery and thank you for buying my music. It's great to read you like the Distillery, I usually worry about these things...

    Have a great Thanksgiving! -Jim

  • MarkD, once you have had more time with the pedal could you post a mini review? I'm not too into pedals, but the description of what the Distillery does interests me. I've been using a Tim pedal made by Paul Cochrane for about 10 years when I do use a pedal. Just wondering if the Distillery could freshen up my tone a bit?
  • TeleGirl,

    Unlike effects pedals, the Distillery is primarily a tone shaper with boost. It's hard to describe it better than what you'll read or listen to on the website. The control knob names really do make sense to me.

    This is actually my second Distillery. My setup is to two amps, a DRRI and an EC Vibro Champ through a Morley ABC switch. Each amp gets the Distillery then various effects pedals. I can brighten up the VC or fatten up the Deluxe and everything in between. The 'Edge" control is perhaps the thing I like the most. Edgy really does say it well. The whole setup allows for a pretty complex, blended sound.

    It took me a while to dial in the sound I was looking for, but I can shape the tone of either amp to sound like nearly anything I want. I've shared the Distillery with several guitar player friends and no one has not bought their own.


    No worries. Other than a tuning pedal (I'm lazy), this is the very last pedal I would part with. And, I wouldn't part with!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all.
  • MarkD, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the pedal. I figured it was more of a tone shaper than an 'effect.' Sounds intriguing for sure.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. :-)
  • I have a choice of buying that Mythical Overdrive klon clone but im really tempted to get the black label distillery.
  • Just ordered mine. Can't wait to try it with the band!
    I'll keep you posted ;-)
  • Plssssss keep us posted.
  • Received mine some weeks ago and I'm really diggin'it. I had some problems with tone clarity playing with the band, which the distilley helped me to solve when playing with my second choice amp (Yamaha G100 212, which sound a little dark). The tone seems a lot less messed up on reharsals, especially it doesn't seem to fight with bass guitar frequencies anymore... Sounds a little cleaner and brighter now. I use it always on. First position in my signal chain, then into the Stardust (another Campi holy grail!) then Wha, RAT, chorus and delay and... Princeton Reverb 65 Reissue! ;-)
    Thanks a lot Jim for the kind words on it! A little bit scared to use but... who cares! After all Music needs to be played.
    I'll try to post a pic. Hope it works ;-)
    foto.JPG 56K
  • Right on!

    foto.JPG 56K
  • Thanks once again, Jim! Hope to see you soon in Italy!

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