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Albums of the year - 2015 edition
  • One of my favorite threads from last December was the one calling for favorite non-Campy related albums of the year. It was because of that thread that I learned about Guthrie Trapp's most excellent "Pick Peace" album.

    So I thought I'd create a new thread asking all of you for your favorite albums of 2015. I'd love to learn about new albums as I'm very much behind the times. But if you recently discovered (or rediscovered) older albums during 2015, those are cool, too.

    My favorite from 2015:
    Jason Isbell - "Something More Than Free"
    This falls into the Americana/Alt-Country genre. Jason's songwriting is off the charts. His lyrics are clever and witty, and he has a knack for creating melodic hooks. Excellent album.

    One of my favorite songs from the album:

    Here's another from his previous album, "Southeastern:"
  • I've been meaning to check out Isbell's album, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    RELEASED IN (or near) 2015:

    Blackberry Smoke - Holding All The Roses. One of the last great current rock bands. Some still know how to kick ass.

    Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways (released late 2014)

    Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Sonic Ranch. Outlaw country in the spirit of Waylon Jennings.

    and, of course, Jim Campilongo & Honeyfingers - Last Night, This Morning

    What I've had on CONSTANT ROTATION:

    Guthrie Trapp - Pick Peace. For guitarists, this album is a MUST HAVE.

    Ben Webster - King of the Tenors (saxophone)

    Charlie Christian - Live at Minton's and Radioland 1939-1941

    George Barnes - Country Jazz

    Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - The Lion, The Beast, The Beat (pop music I know, but very creative)

    JD McPherson - Let The Good Times Roll

    Johnny A - Get Inside (another great one for guitarists)

    Kenny Burrell with Coleman Hawkins - Bluesy Burrell

  • Blue Cajun- I am happy to see you started this thread... thank you! Ruger- I love that Country Jazz LP. Do you have it on vinyl, or is it available as digital?

    Roy Williams “Throwing Punches”

    AC DC “High Voltage”

    George Barnes “Guitar in Velvet”

    Sheldon Bennett “Swingin' Southern Guitar”

    Andres Segovia “Masters of the Guitar”

    Dick Nolan “Truck Driving Man”

    Miles Davis “Pangaea”

    Miles Davis "Dark Magus"

    Beatles "Let it Be - Naked"

    Ramones “It’s Alive”

    John Williams “John Williams Plays the Music of Agustin Barrios Mangore”

    Bill Jennings “Mood Indigo”

  • AC/DC LOL! That's not something I expected to see! Love those guys.

    I found a digital version of Country Jazz, because it has not been available for purchase for a long time. However, Barnes' daughters recently compiled and re-mastered that album along with some other stuff of his, including some lessons, and have made it available for purchase again-


  • New album of the year hands-down goes to Jim & the Honeyfingers. I don’t pay much attention to the Grammys, but “Last Night, This Morning” has Best American Roots Performance or Best Contemporary Instrumental Album written all over it.

    New reissues of the year is a two-way tie. First up, the Allman Brothers “Idlewild South” 2-CD set, remastered & expanded. This was the Allmans’ second album, released in 1970 right before they exploded with Live at the Fillmore East. Includes a few alternate versions plus the complete Ludlow Garage concert. Hard to imagine Duane would be gone within a year.

    Second, The Complete Them 1964-1967, 3-CD set. A bunch of kids from nowhere in Northern Ireland with “Bright Lights, Big City” in their eyes, led by one George Ivan Morrison. Actually, it was Van and a revolving door of other kids, plus an assortment of anonymous studio musicians foisted upon him. The roots of Van’s genius (and his legendary disdain for the recording industry) are on full display with this fantastic collection. Them’s two complete original albums are included, along with B-sides and plenty of BBC sessions. 50+ years after their first recording, Them are finally getting their due.
  • I hope not to sound too fanboy-ish (although I definitely am one - LOL), but I owe some of my favorite musical "discoveries" this year to Jim: classical guitar and the so called gospel and truck driving guitar. Thanks to his Instagram posts, for which I will be eternally grateful for, I found out incredibly inspirational players like Billy Grammer, Dwayne Friend, Gene Moles (with Red Simpson), Sergio and Eduardo Abreu, Julian Bream, Augustin Barrios, Alexandre Lagoya and Ida Presti, among others.

    Another great source for discovering "new" music is Joe Goldmark's excellent website Vinyl Beat: http://www.vinylbeat.com/

    That said, here are my favorites in 2015:

    Toninho Horta - Terra dos Pássaros
    Frank Sinatra - Songs For Swingin' Lovers!
    Julian Bream - 20th Century Guitar
    Andres Segovia - American Decca Recordinsgs vol.1
    Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West - Two Guitars Country Style (listening to in on vinyl through good speakers gave me a whole new appreciation for this masterpiece)
    Joe Maphis - Gospel Guitar vol.1
    Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe edition
    Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
    Miroslav Vitous - Infinite Search
  • Rogerio -

    Your post was really nice to read. I post LP's on Instagram and forget that curious friends might check them out and I'm happy to read you discovered some inspirational music. Love that Blue Cheer LP and Miroslav Vitous - Infinite Search ... wow! now that's not mainstream ha ha! And three cheers for the Vinyl Beat link - what a wealth of riches!

    Brian - I love "Them", actually way more then Van's solo work and I'll be sure to get that. Missed the Christmas show and please tell Fran hello!

    And guys- thanks for the Honeyfinger kudos. We are very proud of "Last Night, This Morning".
  • What a nice thread! I'd like to join, so here are my favorites (as you'll see most of them are older...):

    Joe Henry - Civilians
    The Beatles - Magical Mistery Tour
    Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean
    Pops Staples - Don't loose this
    Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
    Ray LaMontagne - God Willin' & The Creek don't rise
    Sergej Prokofiev - Symphony No.1 and No.2
    Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow
    Bob Dylan - Time out of Mind
  • Julian Lage - Worlds Fair

    If you do not own this album, drop everything you are doing and go get it right this minute.
  • Great stuff here. I love checking out everyone's recommendations.

    Another album I totally forgot to post:
    "Ashes & Dust" by Warren Haynes (featuring Railroad Earth)
    - Excellent album. Railroad Earth adds a very rootsy feel to the album. "Coal Tatoo" is an amazing song as is the cover of "Gold Dust Woman" with Grace Potter.
  • Nice thread folks!

    As for new stuff:

    Eric Johnson & Mike Stern-Eclectic (released in 2014 but I bought it in 2015)
    John McLaughlin-Black Light
    Julian Lage-World's Fair I agree is wonderful

    Older stuff but on heavy rotation:

    Bobby Blue Bland-The Definitive Collection
    Charlie Parker with Strings:The Master Takes
    Miles Davis-Round About Midnight

    BTW I think Round Midnight would make a great lesson.

    Happy Holidays!
  • So this is pretty timely. "Best Music of 2015" from the Premier Guitar staff:
  • I want to second the vote for:

    Joe Henry (although "Invisible Hour" was actually released in 2014). For the guitar-heads, his album "Civilians" from 2007 features Bill Frisell throughout. Highly recommended.

    Julian Lage: I always liked "World's Fair," but it wasn't until I saw him live that I fell head over heals (is that an appropriate analogy for an album? I'm sticking with it). It's like a light bulb went off in my ears. I made a point to catch Julian live 3 or 4 times in 2015, most of them road trips, all in different cities. He really is that good.

    And adding a few new artists to the mix:

    Zane Carney: Amalgam

    Zane is a young guitarist that pulls from Wes Montgomery as much as he does Jimmy Page. Amalgam is his first instrumental disc, but he's been John Mayer's touring guitarist for a few years now, and also just launched a solo career (he has a falsetto that stacks side by side with Jeff Buckley). Chops galore, but done in the most tastefull of ways (which is coincidentally exactly how I pitch my appreciation for Jim in my social circles). Lets put it this way: my non guitar friends appreciate Amalgam as much as my guitar friends do. To me, that's just about the highest compliment I can give.

    Ben Monder: Amorphae

    Again, another fringe artist. Ben is a jazz guy, but uses overdrive and volume swells to create unreal soundscapes. Amorphae is one of the last albums featuring Paul Motion on drums, to my knowledge. Ben is also the guitar player on Bowie's recent album "Black Star," which is also getting a lot of rotation.
  • Oh! Almost forgot John Scofield's "Past Present." It's a return to his quartet from the early 90's with Joe Lovano and Bill Stewert, with Larry Grenadier on bass this go around. Great, great stuff.
  • Late to the party, but I've been listening to Two Jims & Zoot. Fabulous stuff. Jim & the Honeyfingers is flat out wonderful. And Julian Lage is a benevolent force of nature. If any of you haven't had a chance to see the hour (or so) long video of him and Chris Eldridge that the Fretboard Journal posted from Wintergrass 2014 (?), it's well worth checking out. I'm not sure if FBJ still has it on their site, but you can find it on Youtube.

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