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Jim Campilongo & Honeyfingers gigs?
  • Hi Jim,

    Any gigs coming up with Honeyfingers besides the Barbes gig next month? I am trying to make it up from Philly but am not sure I'll be able to get away that night.

    Do you ever have any reason to come to Philly? Would love to work out a gig for you in any format. But would have to make sure it was worth your trip.


  • John -
    The website http://jimcampilongo.com/ is usually all conclusive for shows and because of logistics Honeyfingers do not play often.
    My contact info for this kind of biz is on my website. If you have a work related inquiry, please contact Campilongo Headquarters campilongoheadquarters@gmail.com
    Thank you and have a great day- Jim

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