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    A Note for Note transcription of Chet Atkins playing Jerry Reed’s amazing guitar piece. A hip contrapuntal bass line supporting open string blues licks -harmonics and doublestops are all tastefully and musically exhibited in this tour-de force piece. In my opinion, Jerry Reed wrote some of the finest music for guitar ever written, and this piece is one of his best.

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for another great lesson on Jerry Reed!
    I've been working on it and it occurred to me that playing guitar allows you (amongst many other things) to be totally inappropriate and get away with it (I hope.) Fingering can sometimes be... surprising ;)

  • Jean - Thanks for ordering the lesson...

    That's a great start. If it helps, it took me a couple of weeks to "get it" and I'm still working on it - so keep up the good work and it will happen.

    Though your fingerings look good- I would strongly suggest the designated fingerings- it might be hard the first 20 minutes, but you'll have an advantage of the strategic fingerings the rest of your life.

    Thanks for the clip, I really enjoyed seeing your progess -Jim
  • Jim,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my post.
    Since your lesson on A little bit of blues, I have learned so much from you: from practicing slowly with a metronome to the importance of fingering (these were not obvious for me, always going fast and following my fingers instead of them following me...). And on top of all that, you helped me discover the beautiful music writing of Jerry Reed.
    Again, thank you!
  • Hi Jim,
    I am working on part B of the lesson and I'm a little bit confused regarding the 3rd and 4th diagrams, row 2 on page 2. When listening to the tune, I hear them played on the 3rd fret. On your diagrams, they are placed on the 4th fret. Are my ears totally out of whack here (which I wouldn't be surprised by?...)
    Thanks again Jim for this lesson. Challenging but so interesting and fun to learn.
  • Jean - I made a mistake, I'm sorry. Those two diagrams are on the 3rd fret.
  • Cool, you saved me a trip to the ear doctor! (for now anyway...)
  • Hi Jim and forum members!
    Well, I wanted to share this with you. It took me a while to learn Blue Finger and with a friend drummer in France, we came up with this over the Net. Hope you'll like it! Anyways, thanks Jim for a wonderful tune.

  • Jean - Congratulations on the new piece. It's a tough one, isn't it? ... but you sound great! I think Jerry Reed is one of the greatest guitar composers of the 20th century and I think he'd be proud.
    Thanks for ordering the lesson and for the post.
    Have a great day -Jim
  • Thanks Jim! I particularly enjoyed the "polyphonie" aspect of the piece and that very nice bass line. Plus, it made me reconnect with a friend I lost touch with more than 10 years ago!
    Have a great day too.

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