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Sergio and Eduardo Abreu live footage

  • I am not sure how many fans of classical guitar music are there on the forum but I hope some of you enjoy this live footage of Sergio and Eduardo Abreu that has been recently found as much as I do. Great performances by one of the greatest duos ever.

  • Rogerio - Thank you so much for posting these undiscovered videos. I'm a huge fan!

    A friend told me about the videos you posted a few weeks back but it slipped my mind until I saw your post. Wow!

    Sergio and Eduardo made two LP's that I know of ( by the exact same name!) but the LP on the "Ace of Diamond" label is my preferred choice and one of my favorite guitar records ever. I posted a track from the "Ace of Diamond" release " The Guitars of Sergio and Eduardo Abreu" on my Soundcloud. Additionally there is a photo of the LP cover to clarify the difference between the Columbia label release and the Ace of Diamonds LP. I try to adhere to copyright laws but this record is long out of print and I posted it just to share their brilliance.

    And just in case anyone's missed this video - here it is below...

    Thanks again Rogerio!

  • My pleasure, Jim! I'm a huge fan too!

    As I said before, a lot of your Instagram and Soundcloud posts helped me not only to discover new music but also hear some of things I already knew in a different way, and that includes classical guitar music. I mean, I still love me some blues licks but there's something incredibly inspirational in the way these guys play -- Bream, Segovia, Ida Presti, Sergio and Eduardo Abreu and so many others -- and so much to learn from the playing and arrangements.


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