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Good Going Jim!
  • Went to see Wilco (of whom I am unapologetic and exceedingly long-term fan) and opted for the Bill Frisell-as-an-opening-act-night over in Brooklyn. I've seen various permutations of BF a bunch of times too and was super excited so got there in plenty of time! Alas, I was disappointed as news spread through the seats that Bill had been somehow stranded in Canada. All seemed lost. Until a familiar figure took the stage wielding a '59 toploader and grappling expertly with the low-E tuner. The day was saved!

    Anyway...Jim killed it with Kenny Wollesen and Tony Scherr (frequent Frisell henchmen) and it was super fun to watch them work through the material. Really glad to see Jim getting some well-deserved exposure!
  • I saw that on Jim's Facebook Page! Very cool!

    When you wake up in the morning, you don't always know what's just around the corner...
  • It was a blast!

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