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Re-Tubing a Fender 65 Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR Amp
  • I have a three month old Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR with a 10" Jenson P10Q speaker and I would like to hear any recommendations on re-tubing the amp for better tone quality. The overall tone is very good but I think it could be even better with some quality tubes. The only negative comment I have on this amp is that it breaks up at 4.5 on the volume setting which I think is a little early. I would like to make the sound cleaner with less breakup at that volume if possible.
  • Hi,

    I have always bought tubes in sets from thetubestore.com. You can search by amp. I'm not sure what tubes to suggest for less breakup, but I wonder if that would be more about the speaker.

    I use the cheapest package from the tubestore and I have an eminence lil' buddy speaker in mine. It doesn't break up until 8. But I also play with a very light touch. I like amps to stay clean and if I want dirt I add a pedal.
  • How hot are your pickups? The '65 RI I had was pretty clean even when dimed -- but I had low-output pickups.
  • The way I would approach it is to find a good amp tech in your area and talk to him about the sound you're looking for and see what he suggests.

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