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Zephaniah & The 18 Wheelers Kickstarter
  • Can't imagine this hasn't been posted here, but a quick search did not surface anything...

    Produced by (and featuring) Jim and Luca.

    3 days left. Sorry for the late heads up. I've kinda been off the grid


  • Thank you! -Jim
  • I didn't know about this! Thanks!!
  • Thanks for posting this campinout. I found a vague reference to this project earlier and got in on it. It seems like it’s been kind of under the radar, but as you say it’s never too late to contribute (preaching to the choir here!).

    Let’s face it, this is the way of the future for musicians as producers and fans as consumers. But it creates kind of a special bond or pact between the two, and besides, it feels good to have some “skin in the game” to help these artists realize their vision.

    This is going to be another good one!

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