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Let The Sky Fall
  • Nice video.
    I saw the trio perform this at the 55 Bar this past Sunday and was impressed with how good a singer Josh is.
  • This is seriously great! Thanks for sharing!

    I absolutely love the Cream vibe to it!

    Jim - I am sure you know it already, by playing with these guys every week, but this band sounds fantastic! And Josh is such an awesome singer! How about making the next album a double record so you can have a whole album with Josh singing his a** off? ha ha
  • Hi Rogerio, I think Josh has his own band. But I've never seen them. Also this is a cover tune of "10 Years After."
    Josh did another song on Monday night that might be one of his own, not sure. I think it's called "Politician" or something like that.
  • Hi there! Oh yeah, it's called Paris Monster - it's actually a duo - and it's beyond belief how good it is! I am huge fan!

    Could it be Cream's Politician?

  • Hey thanks for posting those. Yes it was Cream's "Politician."
  • Also I was fortunate enough to catch Ryan Scott at Rockwood right before Jim's set. I am a big fan of Ryan's playing. Anyway, he mentioned that Josh will be pulling double-duty next week and playing with both him at Rockwood on 2-29 as well as with Jim
  • I appreciate the posts and I would love to make a trio record that features Josh on vocals- we are picking through some tunes...

    have a great day - Jim

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