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Julian Lage Arclight
  • If you guys haven't already, definitely check out Julian's new trio album 'Arclight.' It's really great. I saw an interview where Julian mentioned how much he loves Jim's music, and the song 'Harlem Blues' to me has a real "Campy" feel.
  • He's someone I have not yet listened to... thanks for the tip!
  • Happy to see his name come up on the forum ... and I'm very flattered Julian likes my music- I think he's a great artist.
  • Great to see that someone beat me to posting this.

    Julian's "Archlight" is a TELECASTER album first and foremost, although more subtle than a lot of releases in the genre — he spends much of the album on the neck PUP, for example. I've been lucky enough to catch Julian with his tele trio (Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wolleson on drums) several times now. They've managed to capture their live mojo and put it on disc with "Archlight."

    For those interested in extra credit, his solo acoustic album "World's Fair" is also worth picking up.
  • That "Autumn Leaves" clip is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Jim.
  • World's Fair is amazing. Just Julian and his 1939 Martin 000-18. Love that album, no overdubs. There are parts you can hear him counting out the pause in the song. It's great.

    Going to see his trio at the end of April. Which reminds me, when are you going to make it to the Midwest Jim?
  • Digging on Arclight hard this past week. Super tasty.
  • Just stumbled across this via a post on TDPRI.com. Love it:
  • Going to see Julian in Madison next weekend. Can't wait! Now if only Jim would make his way to the Midwest
  • I finally bought Arclight last week. Good gravy...you guys weren't kidding. Really fantastic album. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • That clip is great. Thanks for posting it.

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