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Jim's songwriting process
  • hey jim,

    how do you approach the songs you write . Would it stem from abstract feelings or guitar theoretics or perhaps learning 9999 songs and mixing up ideas.
  • I can't remember where this interview was, probably one of the podcast interviews I've found with Jim -- but he said he will get an idea for a tune while he's out and about, and then sing it into his phone. This way he gets musical melodies regardless of how easily they fall on the fretboard. I also remember him saying that early on, his girlfriend gave him a bunch of song titles and it was a fun challenge to write the songs to go with them.
  • Hi Broadcaster and Bradley- Sorry for the delay on this, I've been swamped.

    There was a previous thread similar to this one- and I couldn't find it. It was a good one.

    Anyone remember it?
  • Thank you JIG!
  • thanks Jim, the cassette recorder you mentioned , its the transistor radio type and not the track recorder type is it.
  • Hi Broadcaster - This is my recorder...

    FullSizeRender.jpg 43K
  • Super duper cool Jim !

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