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The Distillery (question - especially for Jim)
  • I just ordered the Distillery and I wonder where people put them in their pedal sequence. In particular, do you place it before or after other distortion boxes?

    Thanks for any advice. -Paul
  • Hi Paul -

    I just use the one unit but the way I look at it- am I going to compress my fuzz, or fuzz my compression? Am I going to delay my fuzz, or fuzz my delay? Or in this case, am I going to enhance via Distillery my overdrive, or overdrive the Distillery?

    Right or wrong, that's how I determine the effect order - then I use my ears.

    Hope you enjoy the Distillery!

  • Thanks Jim! I'm sure that I will. I see that experimentation will be the key!
  • Well I've played with it for about an hour and, what a great pedal! It's really interesting; it's both as subtle and pronounced as people say it is. It really helps make to guitar's tones very appealing. (I put it at the beginning of the chain, for now).

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