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P Stew's Cowboy Classics
  • Jim, there's gotta be at least one funny story related to this:


    (Go to about 3:15 in the video)
  • Awesome!!!

  • Hi Dakota- Patrick attended a Campilongo Trio show a few years back because of mutual friend NYC singer Sunny Ozell . Patrick loved the trio. He brought the cast of his play the following week and attended many shows thereafter - he is an infectiously positive, supportive nice man. I’m not sure how he came to doing the country parody (for charity), but I was thrilled when I was asked to play. Ethan Eubanks produced the project, played drums and did the hilarious voice-over- I’m impressed with all involved and again, very proud to be included.
  • "Sings Country Classics" is on Bing News 'Trending Topics' at the moment...
  • Well done!

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