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a new enemy
  • or perhaps an old one, for some of you...

    finally I have found the source of a problem that has been going on a while now.


    ugh, the worst! really bad interference with my single coil/tele pickups. not as bad on other single coils but still an issue in some cases

    i have to turn the wifi off on my phone now, and keep the phone downstairs, when im playing. and my computer is turned off. much better!!

    well im sure most of you knew this by now. but just incase you didn't.

    i may change my Lollar vintage spec tele pickups to Lace sensor noisless pickups. anyone try these?
  • I hadn't noticed wifi interference and my house is bathed in it. Cell phone signals are bad though. Blackberries were the worst. Horrible buzzing interference.


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