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Joe Barden pickups
  • I wonder if you fellas have any experience and opinions about Barden Tele pickups? They look interesting on paper, but maybe are a little too clean for my use.
    I'm new, just joined, love Jim's music and teles in general!
  • hey hey hey,

    I for one use Joe Barden Modern T pickups , my picking technique has improved a 100 folds because the pickups are really hifi. Clean , they can sound a lil clacky and I find myself using the tone knob a whole lot more , but despite the whole barden camp applauding the tonal choices , my setup of 250k volume , 1 meg tone pot , 0.5 cap restricts that tonal palette. At max tone knob , the shrillness is there with boosted treble freqs , tone down just a bit and it shears off the treb , makes string noise less evident and with just a lil more of a turn , the tone gets wooly and muddy. Neck pup sounds really gorgeous , mid position has that fat bottom end that's just real real punchy like a sledgehammer.

    Also , I swapped my speaker and tubes to match Jim Campilongo's setup and find that the amp no longer handles overdrive/distortion well , the bass strings sound like mud and I'm unsure if it is the nature of the joe barden pickups.

    I have 5 recent videos with the Joe Bardens in them , give it a listen.

  • Thanks! Do you think a different tone pot and cap would help? Maybe a 250K and a .033? And, how would you say the misrange is on those pickups? Scooped, balanced, full?
  • not too sure how a 0.33 would sound , I did mine 0.5/0.47 for the wah wah effect as well. Its boosted in all freqs with more mids since its the modern wind. Slightly less shrill on paper , but still shrilly imo.
  • I have a Fender Tele with the classic Barden pickups and a G&L Tele Bluesboy with a 59 humbucker in the neck and a Barden "modern" pickup in the bridge position. I have the stock pots and cap in both guitars. However, I put a treble bleed cap on the volume controls.

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