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Rose Room Lesson
  • I just finished the rose room lesson. So far it's one of my favorites. Jim does a great job explaining how the licks fits over the chord changes. If you're thinking about getting it, just do it. After a couple days I can already incorporate some of the ideas into my improvising.

    One question for for anyone who's completed it or Jim: I can play along fine with Jim's track, but when I play along with Charlie Christian, I can't pull off the fast triplets over the F7 and Bb7 right before the first ending. Any tips?
  • RadMike-

    Yes I have a tip, because I had the same problem! That phrase is a real tongue twister- right?

    Anyway, here's my tip... Practice playing the difficult/wonderful phrase with a metronome (or tap your foot) and focus that it come in on the downbeat of one. The first note feels like a pick up note on "four and", but it's not- it begins on the downbeat of one. This remedied the problem for me.

    Thanks for your gracious post and for buying the lesson -I really appreciate it.


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