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Nang Nang Question
  • Been on a big Campilongo kick, and I'm knocking through a bunch of lessons. I've been hooked on the Nang Nang riffs in Jim's Truefire lesson, and had a question for everyone.

    Because the Truefire lesson excludes a few sections, I considered downloading the LBM. My question is: does/would Nang Nang work as solo guitar piece with a backing track?

    On the album, the (to me) reggae-esque guitar backing sounds like a great base, but the drums also add so much to the track. Been listening to it on repeat - great song!
  • dougg - Thank you for purchasing my TrueFire video. Overall - in my humble opinion the Lessons By Mail are more thorough especially when focusing on one piece.. I think Nang Nang lesson would sound great with a backing track - and the riffs and concepts applies to many other tunes too...
  • Thanks, Jim! And thank you for putting the lessons together. In addition to the Truefire lessons, I've either completed or am near to completing Bb Blues, Chet Song, Over the Rainbow, Arpeggios as Exercises & Blues - Nailing the Changes, and I can't recommend them enough. They all tie together well. I've found the Arpeggios lesson explains some of the licks from Bb, and both lessons have played into my leads on Chet Song. More importantly, the lessons are a lot of fun. I have Understanding Progressions & Stardust on deck - I try to alternate songs w/ lessons that are more focused on theory. I'll add a more thorough review to the appropriate thread soon.

    I'm going to download Nang Nang today, and I'll commit to posting a solo version when ready.
  • Thank you Doug - look forward to hearing your work!
  • It would be fun to hear people's recordings of applying things learned from the lessons. :)
  • Hey weelie - I'd planned to record a few songs I've been working on this weekend, to post in the "tributes" thread. One of those is Main St. Breakdown, which I work a few "applied" licks into. If you're interested, I'll try to get that done soon and I can call out what I attempted.

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