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Tiramisu pedal steel solo on guitar
  • Hey Jim ,

    I find the solo on tiramisu a challenge to transcribe , as if there are multiple tones working at once. Is it possible to even play it all on guitar?

    would be cool too if you could share with us how the song came about.
  • I always love the challenge of trying to play pedal steel parts on guitar. Rose City Chimes was a big achievment: https://www.instagram.com/p/8yB-yhFj32/?taken-by=cwilliams467

    I will have a listen tonight and see if I can figure anything out.
  • Hi Broadcaster- I do offer a transcription on Tiramisu - and it's totally doable. Thanks for posting and have a great day- Jim

    Tiramisu SAMPLE CLIP: http://youtu.be/Yx6CcEI10LU
    Note For Note - from "Heavy". A tour-de-force study in major key open string cascades, steel guitar phrases, sixths and thirds etc phrases on guitar. Plenty of concepts that can be applied in countless musical scenarios. Intermediate / Advanced
  • Cwilliams- That's really wonderful!
  • Hey jim , i bought the lesson , the solo im referring to is the pedal steel solo. Tough tough tough but i will try again .

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