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Newbie Getting Oriented
  • Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum and new to Telecasters. I've been playing/learning 3 or 4 years now and have focused mostly on blues and some rock. The Tele opened up a whole new world of sounds for me and introduced me to Jim's amazing playing. I'm taking lessons right now but also want to venture out into new sounds and genres and after a lot of exploring the Tele world ended up here.

    I've been looking at the lessons and a number are attractive to me so I'll have plenty of opportunity to learn new ideas. I'm thinking about picking up the arpeggio lesson first. I've been working on chord tones, learning the major scale (after a long time with the pentatonic) and mixing major and minor. Just started orienting myself to arps and wanting something to help me explore them systematically.

    I'm wondering about the level rating system. Looks like most lessons are Intermediate/advanced and have numerical ratings of from 4 or 5 to 10 (generally). What can I expect from lessons in that range?

    Looking forward to hanging out and learning from you all.

  • Hi Dan - It's hard to narrow down this via text- but I would say if you can play "Stairway to Heaven" you are intermediate Advanced 4-5-10.

    If you can only play the intro to "Smoke on the Water" you are in the beginning range 1-3. Does this make sense?

    All the that said, I would recommend "Playing the Blues" or "Playing the Blues and Nailing the Changes" ... they are what you're interested in and you might have fun.

    Thanks for asking- Jim
  • Thanks for the response Jim. I downloaded the "Playing the Blues" lesson and found it to be pretty basic. From your comments above I'm guessing that I'm at the lower end of the intermediate/advanced continuum. Perhaps I'll try the second one you noted. I've done quite a bit of work on chord tones/ changes etc. but it sounds like there may also be some rich content in your exploration.
  • Actually, that's a sweet little tune and you include some nice touches. I'll spend some time with it before moving on. Love your playing!
  • I'm glad it worked out -the first lesson is a bit of a "blind date"... but 90% of the lessons should be in your ballpark. The next "Blues..." lesson should be spot on - but maybe you could go for it with Bb Jazz Blues?

    I made older posts "announcements" so one could access the beneficial info from other student/guitarists and their experience with the lessons. There's good stuff in there.

    In any event- thank you for buying the lesson and I check in frequently to help and learn.

    Have a great day- Jim

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