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  • I've been playing a guitar for over twenty years (though you'd never know it) and I've been playing my number 1 Telecaster 18 years. My favorite guitar is a black 1998 MIM Telecaster that I found at (gasp!) Musician's Friend. I went in to finally purchase a real guitar and wanted to get a Stratocaster but they were out of the MIM versions. I put the money down to put one on hold and wandered over to the guitar wall and pulled off my Telecaster. I played an E chord and I knew it was the guitar for me. It has played in a variety of bands (from punk, to grunge, to blues) and always been exactly what I need. I recently put in a set of Don Mare "Green Onion" pickups and it has truly become the best guitar I've ever played.

    I only recently got turned on to Jim through Roy Buchanan and searches on Youtube and for the past few years I have really enjoyed listening to him (though I wish I found him sooner). Jim plays the Telecaster as original as I've ever heard it and I love the unexplainable mix of blues, rock, punk, and jazz he has created. No one else has really done it for me as much as he does. I finally started the lessons (another thing I wish I had done sooner) and have been working through Playing the Blues. My chops are pretty good as I've only played blues type licks for the past few years but I never connected with any books, lessons, teachers, or videos like I have with these.

    I guess I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to Jim for the incredible music and these great lessons. I plan to continue on through a bunch of them and it feels good to have a goal in mind when it comes to music again. I also wanted to share my story of the newest addition to the guitar collection. After getting into Jim and watching nearly all the Youtube videos I happened to be browsing through a pawn shop in my area and came across a 1995 MIM white Telecaster. I couldn't believe how good it looked and was really surprised when I saw that it was a top loader. I knew I had to buy it and I got lucky as they were running a 30% off on musical equipment deal. After some work on the bridge and some Don Mare "Joel Foy 4709" pickups I now have this great guitar. Not as good as my number 1 but really close. The necks on this era of Telecasters are exceptional and this just happened to be one of those times where everything comes together. Here it is:

    IMG_2671.JPG 41K
    IMG_2672.JPG 42K
    IMG_2673.JPG 39K
  • Welcome to the forum!! That's a nice rig you got there!! Which Lil' Dawg is it?
  • It is the Mutt. I had it made at 8 watts and with more headroom than a typical one would have. They are great amps at an incredible price.
  • crcorey1 - Thanks for your incredible introduction and welcome to the forum. The fact you managed to post photos at all ... means you're crafty... and lucky! Have a good day sir and keep playing that great looking guitar. -Jim
  • Thanks for the reply Jim. Now come out west so I can actually see you live!

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