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Shows Outside of New York?
  • Even though I am a guitarist, I am not normally a fan of guitar virtuoso stuff. Too many notes saying nothing and no good songs. But someone showed me a youtube video of you last week and I was hooked instantly. I bought two most recent albums from iTunes and I can't stop listening to them. Lots of great melodies, unexpected note choices and emotional playing. Love the discordance in some of the heavier songs! I will be working my way through the other albums in short order.

    I see from your website that you play the Living Room in NYC every Monday and have toured Europe. Do you ever tour the rest of the states? Specifically Texas? Would love to see you live and there are a couple of rooms here in Dallas that would work well for you.

  • No Texas ... but I do play South of Houston St ... thanks for asking
  • Come on down to Va...Birchmere would be great...you do know the DC/VA/MD area is Telecaster HQ...dy.
  • Hey Jim - Are you playing the Living Room on Monday, May 2? I'm trying to plan ahead... Thanks.
  • Hi Jim, ever heard of the Towne Crier in Pawling NY. Let me know if you might be interested in playing there. I think you are a good fit for this venue. http://townecrier.com/install/content/
  • Jim - Can you PLEASE come to Boston. We got love for you in the 617. Play a gig with Duke Levine!!!!
  • I'll second that Boston request - Tupelo Music Hall, Regatta bar, Somerville theatre... some cool venues I'd love to catch you in.
  • I'll third the Boston request.
  • Thanks a million ... I'll get the "Right Hand Man" on this one...
  • Jim - we have a GREAT venue for your music here in nearby CT - it is the Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT. Please see if you can get into there or the Warner Theater in Torrington. Infinity is a nice musically friendly and small combo size with great acoustics!
  • I'll be keeping track of suggestions for venues, etc....thanks for the tip.
  • Although it is stated clearly "no envy" , i cant help but feel a bit jealous... i mean for us , over here in europe, its twice as hard to catch Jim in concert. So stop nagging already :P
  • One more suggestion - Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield CT - just over the line (sorta) from New York - another nice, small combo friendly venue.
  • Hey Right Hand,
    With the recession taking it's toll n all, it's hard for me to get to San Francisco, let alone NYC. They got a couple places here in Vacaville, Ca. that have bands on the weekends. Most of em is redneck joints but they can be a lot of fun. They got "Judy's Wild Wrangler Saloon" right down the road in Allendale, Ca. There is Jay Jays in Winters, Calif. "The Creekside" in Winters, (Marty Willard used to own that place). None a those places pay much....probably $50.00 to $60.00 per man, $350 for the band would be tops....maybe. Then they got the "Palms Playhouse", it's ritzier than the bars and there are almost no fights, (unless Marty Willard is there). It used to be the old "Winters Opera House" and I like the sound in there. I think they might pay ok. I seen "Deke Dickerson And The Ecco-phonics there and it was great! Junior Brown played there too, but I couldn't go because it sold out. Bill Kirchen was there too but I couldn't go because I had to play with Marty Willard at the "Wild Ox" that night. The Palm's might be good? But to my way of thinking any one of them is a good place for Jim Campilongo. He appeals to a wide range of music lovers. Sure would be good to see you play close by. Maybe you could get a station wagon n just head out cross country playin every bar and club you see along the way?
  • Ok. Thanks. I think a station wagon is a great idea.

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