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Curious About The Pics
  • I keep finding myself looking round all the pics bordering this page and wondering if there's a story behind the selection?
  • vashondan - They are a trip - right? I wouldn't read too much in to things from a hastily done border, but I wanted to exemplify the diversity of subjects we could discuss. Although I've always had a crush on Sophia Loren, I regret the lingerie/girlie photos because I want our female "telecaster brothers" to feel welcome & equal - but it's a major job for the web guy to update pics. I'll get on it ...
  • I love photos. I'm captivated by that "this moment in time" feel or the capturing of a cultural symbol or phenomenon. Each has a story to tell. Anyway, thanks for the explanation.
  • Had a little chuckle at the phrase "female telecaster brothers".


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