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Continuing from Sonic Tele - Bb Blues
  • I'm a member at truefire and I really liked the Bb Blues portion of Sonic Tele. The half-step triad approach is helpful! Spent a lot of time with that and the nice lead.

    Does the Bb lesson on the site differ much from Sonic Tele?

    I'm thinking about picking up one of Jim's lessons to expand this triad approach some more. A lot of the lessons interest me but I'm thinking of starting with F Blues or Rhythm Changes. Does anyone recommend one over the other?

  • Hi Kostal - "Does the Bb lesson on the site differ much from Sonic Tele?"

    It's about the same, but the lesson by mail is more in depth.

    I would recommend "F Blues" ...

    thank you! - Jim

  • Wonderful, I'll give it a shot. Thanks Jim!


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