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Gigs and rain
  • Yo Jim,

    how do you cope with lugging ur amp around under wet weather , I spent most of my life playing at home til the last 3 weeks of Dec , went out to play and in one of the gigs early this year , it rained , fortunately I had the amp cover on and wheeled it to safety from the cab.

    rain and amps just scares me.
  • A nice cover helps. I use TUKI and a friend of mine here in CT is a sailmaker and she made some covers from waterproof sail material.

    I also keep a few big black garbage bags shoved in the corner of my gig bag for if it is really really rainy and I can make a rain coat for my gear.
  • Thanks cwilliams- Yes, I'm with you- Tuki covers are great. I've had one on my Princeton for 15 years and it's still almost like new. All that said, I don't know where you live broadcaster- but NYC is always some form of weather that's at the very least- uncomfortable! Mostly, I don't even think about it, but I understand the difficulties and I suppose electrocution is something one should avoid!

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