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JIm at Bar 55 June 11, 2017
  • Here a few shots I took from last night. Light was tricky as the place is DARK... Jim thanks for allowing me to blast away..
    IMG_1553.JPG 50K
    IMG_1552.JPG 36K
    IMG_1535.JPG 50K
    IMG_1534.JPG 52K
    IMG_1533.JPG 33K
    IMG_1536.JPG 52K
  • Dang- you are good...your good eye can even make ME presentable! Love how vibey these are and thank you for attending the show... Your good spirit was felt!

  • Very cool pics! While I usually really dig B/W, I really like the color pic in this set- probably because the warm colors of that location are so cool, with the string lights and wood and everything....
  • Beautiful photos! I bet the show was awesome too - three of my favorite musicians/composers in that room!

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