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Big Boy Chord Progression
  • I am working through the Big Boy lesson and am really enjoying the swing lead lines. To better see how the lines are working with the chords, can anyone help with the chord progression - seems like it might be a bit more than a I-IV-V blues in Ab?
  • Thank you telemjl - This is a legitimate question and I should have included the chord chart (I thought I did). Here it is for everyone in the event you've ordered "Big Boy" and I'll include this in future downloads.

    Below is a chart that indicates the chords ...

    Bar 7 in the "solo" section looks weird, sorry about that.... that is a Ab6 chord with a Bbm7 - sharing the measure.


    I've written the chords as dominant seventh chords on the chart for simplicity - but you'll notice the chord examples/voicings below I've written indicate 9th 13th etc. They are accurate, but embellished. Basically they are "fancy" dominant 7 chords. Your options are endless but the chords below are appropriate.

    Under each chord diagram there are slashes that represent quarter notes or beats- you can play and strum them exactly as written in a linear fashion going left to right by row - each slash represents a strum. After a while, play with it. Let a chord ring for the full measure etc.


    Hope this helps and thanks for ordering the lesson!
    Big Boy Chart.jpeg 67K
    Big Boy Chord Forms.jpeg 91K
  • Wow. Thank you for the supplement to the lesson Jim. This really helps!

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