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Thanks Jim!
  • This is cool. There are a lot of experts in SF on Campilongo, of which, after a few beers I tend to believe myself one! This is a great idea! Pedal compressor...yes? Which one and why! I feel like that is all I have ever seen, other than tele, cable, amp. Learning, "When you wish upon a star" now...Can't wait to see where this goes. Love the new record! Cheers and all the best. Thank you!
  • Thank YOU...
  • Compressor?
  • For "When You Wish Upon a Star" ... Jim informed me he used the '59 Tele through a Silverface Princeton Reverb (year unknown)

    The compression you hear is mostly natural, but some was added in the mixing process - We don't know what type. It was "outboard" and applied by producer Anton Fier and engineer Yohei Goto.

  • Thanks Will, I was actually talking live. Does JC use a compressor pedal? If so, what kind does he like. Cheers!
  • Hi. You're welcome.

    Jim doesn't use a compressor live. It's just Guitar-->(short)Cable-->Amp. He occasionally uses his Boomerang Pedal with High Space and a few additional effects to taste.....but when you're talking about that famous Campilongo Tone thats just the straight forward rig + his playing style, attack etc.......Cheers

    For more info go here:

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