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Noir Guitar
  • This term is used to describe the style of playing which appears in Cat Under A Car on the lessons page. I love the song itself, but the description made me want to discover some more noirish music. What are some other albums that would fit the bill in your opinion?

    My suggestion is Tom VerlaineĀ“s Warm and Cool from the early Nineties. It makes for great nocturnal listening, and I could imagine some of the pieces playing in the background when a hardboiled detective walks down a shadowy alley with a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Now that's a great coincidence, when i saw your post i was listening to John Zorn's Big Gundown, which is actualy a tribute to the Maestro himself, Ennio Moriccone.
    Anyhoo, lots of great noirish guitar in this one. Here's a clip

  • Ahh, I actually own The Big Gundown, but it has been a while since I listened to it. Time to revisit it during the weekend, methinks. Zorn knows how to pick his guitarists: Frisell, Quine and Ribot on the same album!
  • I think a lot of Campilongo cuts could be described as such, but perhaps none more that Chelsea Bridge off Orange.
  • A couple more noir guitar CDs worth checking out:

    "Amnesia" by Big Lazy (formerly Lazy Boy)

    "El Dorado" by James Wilsey

  • James Wilsey's El Dorado is HIGHLY recommended. Great stuff!

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