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Something fun I did for Jim...
  • I realize that there are sure to be legal issues so he could never use these, but being a cyclist as well as an artist I always thought it would be fun to see Mr.Campilongo's name done in the same way the Campagnolo name is. Also, "Campy" is also the nickname for Campagnolo. I'm sure you all probably know this. Anyways, I was fooling around in P.S. this morning and came up with these. Somebody with actual expertise with P.S. could probably make them look amazing, but this was all I had time for today. I hope everybody dig's 'em Take care,

    campilongologo3.jpg 21K
    campilongologo2.jpg 15K
  • I like....
    campilongologo2.jpg 15K
    campilongologo3.jpg 21K
  • Rooster! Those are really excellent!
  • Very cool for the Telecaster-bike geek. Great job!
  • Bsalvador- Which describes me to a Tee, thankyewverymuch! Thanks!

    Jim- Glad you dig'em- I dunno what you could use 'em for, but they look cool.
  • Ooh. Very purdy.
  • Another Tele/Bike Geek likes it!
  • I saw this the other day and thought of this thread. Not nearly as original as Angryrooster but....image
    Campilongo Bicycle.jpg 72K

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