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Table For One
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    I went through my CDs and found this album. I actually have it on my computer but going through my CDs reminded me of what was right under my nose. Anyways.....I've been listening to it 3-4 times a day. I highly recomend another visit or picking it up if you haven't already.

    There are some great Campilongo originals and a few choice covers as usual. I really like Jim's tone on this album too....very strong sounding.

    There's accordian and pump organ on many of the tracks which is really cool. Its quirky but it feels absolutely natural to the songs.

    Joe Goldmark plays great Pedal Steel on D'Boat and whats really cool is hearing Rob Burger (on the B3, accordian, pump organ and piano) in the rythmn section on the tunes. It creates some very interesting athmosphere. Great performances from the rest of the group as well....Chris Key(Bass) and Jason Lewis(Drums).

    Definately worth checking out/listening to for the rest of the summer. Also, Its kind nice listening to it on CD.

    Jim Campilongo Table for One 2.jpg 48K
  • I love "Table for one" and the others records too!Do you remember the cd's collection on facebook.....
    Thank you so much Jim for your great stuff!!
    Take care
  • It's time for me to buy my next JC album... I have Du Nord, Orange, and American Hips.... I wonder what should be next? Table for One? Any other suggestions?

    (please don't say "they're all good"- we know that already!! :)

  • I have all of Jim's CDs accept for "Almost Christmas". I like all the CDs but "Table for One" is my favourite of the bunch. That must have been a very inspired session. The tone and feeling of that CD is fabulous. I really like "Feisty's Ride".

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