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This is what happens when you listen to too much Jim Campilongo...
  • ... and then go play a gig where you get to run wild. I don't normally wear my influences on my sleeve quite so much, but you can probably hear more than a few moments in this where I'm totally ripping Jim off. Jim, I hope you don't mind, and sorry if I'm stealing any ideas, but they're just so worth stealing!

  • Sounds like you have your own thing Atom, and it's really good. Nice!
  • Thanks, Jim! It's a lot different than my gig with Eric Gales, that's for sure. I probably wouldn't be doing either one on a Tele if I hadn't bought the Little Willies record on a lark one day before a long road trip. Years later I'm still trying to figure out how to use it, but you've been a great help along the way with your lessons and your body of recorded work. So thanks again!
  • Very nice!
  • You sound great. Some effect of the compulsive JC listening can be heard, now that you mention, the eerie and "broken" kinda thing. And I dig the tremelo and reverb. :)

    On influenced by Jim, most Campy influence I've heard in some of the playing of Matt Rae and Tim Lamb (RIP). Both of these cats of course have a bag quite different from Campilongo's, but some tunes/solos I've heard have shown the influence.
  • Tim Lamb was a really generous person ... Matt Rae did take some lessons from me... but I'm not taking credit for his own unique voice, or songwriting skills!

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