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Jim the session guitarist/co-collaborator
  • Okay, so we all know Jim has made plenty of stellar music of his own, but he's also played with a lot of other people on a lot of other records. In particular, I myself am curious about his involvement with these records:
    - Cake - Prolonging the Magic (I'm guessing Let me Go since he has a writing credit, but any others?)
    - Teddy Thompson - Up Front and Down Low (I know there was a song or two where I was pretty sure it was him, but I'd be curious to know what else he might have done on that one)
    - Richard Julian - Slow New York (I'm guessing Jim played on a few of these songs... and it's one of my favorite records thanks to the guitar work of Jim and everyone else who contributed)

    I know there are lots of others... anyone else feel free to chime in.
  • Hey atom.

    This is from Jim's Wiki page. This could be a good starting point. I can get some more info if you desire....as well. :)


    Other Projects
    Sun Rise "Sun Rise" Jim Campilongo Band on "This Old Man" Starbucks Coffee Company (2011)
    Nick Casey "Can't Reason Through Love" Guitar on "Bandages" (2011)
    Jo Williamson "Be The Man" Joscream (2011)
    Norah Jones "Featuring Norah Jones" Little Willies guitar on "Love Me" Blue Note (2010)
    Howard Fishman "The World will Be Different" guitar on "Summer Rain" on Autumn Monkey Farm Records (2010)
    Marika Hughes "The Simplest Thing" (Sideman and Writer) "Pepper" DD Records (2010)
    Martha Wainwright "I Know You're Married.." Rounder (2008)
    Two Foot Yard "Borrowed Arms" Yard Work (2008)
    Teddy Thompson "Upfront and Down Low" Verve Records(2007)
    Sean Walsh "American Music" Eyeball Records (2007)
    Brandi Shearer, "Close to Dark" - Amoeba Records (2007) (Sideman and Co- Writer "Swampland" )
    Chiara Civello "The Space Between" Universal Music Europe 2007 Co-Writer "L Train"
    The Little Willies, "The Little Willies" - Milking Bull Records/EMI (2006)
    Sasha Dobson "Modern Romance" Secret Sun (2006) As Writer "Cold To Colder"
    Mudville, "Iris Nova" - (2006)
    April Cope, "Petals Fall" - Limelight Disc (2006)
    Richard Julian, "Manhattan" - Blue Note (2006)
    Wild Animus (Audiobook) - Too Far (2006)
    "Feber 2 New York" New York Compilation - Amigo Music (2005)
    Steve Yerkey, "metaneonatureboy" - Echo Records (2005)
    David Gleason, "Just Fall To Pieces" - Well Worn Records (2005)
    Julian Summerhill, "The Hologram Cowboys Lay Down With Their Horses" - 2005
    Michael Shelly, "Goodbye Cheater" - confidentialrecordings 2005
    Mudville, "The Glory Of Man Is Not In Vogue" - (2004)
    Sonya Greta, "Vigilante Arcade" - (2003)
    Ann Dyer, "When I Close My Eyes" - Sunnyside 2001 As Writer "Sarah"
    Joe Goldmark, "Strong Like Bull but Sensitive Like Squirrel" - Hmg Records (2001)
    Kurt Stevenson and Kate Maher - Pentecostal Bouffant Record, "Songs for Camp and Tabernacle" - 2001
    "Fortune Cookies" - Various Artists Fortune Records (2000)
    "Full Tan" - Vol. 1 Various Artists Fonit Cetra Records (1999)
    Joe Goldmark, "All Hat No Cattle" - Hmg Records (1999)
    "Stranger Than Fiction" - Various Artists Oglio Records (1999)
    Cake, "Prolonging the Magic" - Capricorn (1998)
    San Francisco Song Cycle, Vol. 1 Various Artists Olde West (1998)
    Jim Greer, "Rover Songs" - Fortune Records (1998)
    "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf" - Various Artists - Red House (1998)
    Joe Goldmark, "Steelin' the Beatles" - Lo-ball Records (1997)
    Preacher Boy and The Natural Blues, "Gutters and Pews" - Blind Pig (1996)
    Preacher Boy and The Natural Blues, "Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues" - Blind Pig (1995)
    Stephen Yerkey, "Confidence, Man" - Heyday (1995)
    Looters, "Imago Mundi" - Monster Music (1992)
    Wilson Gil And The Willful Sinners, "Gunstore, Liquourstore Project" - (1992)
    Komotion International Various Artists (1989)
    Click Dark, "President's Breakfast" - (1988)
    Katt, "Katt" - Nutone (1987)
    Po Go Bo, "Po Go Bo" - Nutone (1987)
    The Know, "The Know" - Nutone (1987)
  • One more obscurity to add. Included in the previous list is Komotion International, a various artists compilation on the Komotion label from 1989. Jim’s contribution is “Biz Blues” (listed as “Industrial Revolution Blues” on the inner sleeve) with the band Po Go Bo.

    Well, Komotion released a follow-up compilation titled Komotion International Vol. II in 1991 (on colored vinyl!). Jim is also credited here, this time on the track “Just Haven’t Laid Down Yet” by Stephen Yerkey.

    So there you go!
  • Thanks for the grand list there... I was able source a few of those. Some I have not listened to yet, but...

    Listening "Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues", which I kinda dig. It's like bluesier side of Tom Waits... or maybe like a sweeter John Campbell (the gravel voiced blues guitarist who died in the early 90s). I think Jim is playing the solo on "Please call me baby", "Dead boy" and some nice twangy licks on "Epitaph", "And everything", "Hurry down" and "Hidden down".

    Jim Greer's "Rover songs". Very run of the mill pop singer-songwriter stuff with a modern sound but a grand piano... and with weird carnival solo sections. His voice sounds a bit like Elvis Costello, who I've never gotten into. "What's that you say" has Jim on the electric guitar, he sounds a lot more like his inimitable himself here, with a solo containing detuning tricks and all that. :) That solo is the only interesting bit to me.

    Civello's L train: The song has a Latin rhythm and a timeless feel, don't hear Jim playing on it. Dobson's Cold to colder: another timeless sounding track. This time like lounge jazz number with sweet jazzy feel and acoustic guitar playing swinging licks. Jim digs all them sweet lady voices, and so do I. :)

    Teddy Thompson's "Up front". Lots of steel guitar and sounds like sophisticated country music from the heart in a good old but way. Could be Jim playing lead on "Walking the floor over you" and "Down low"? Anyway, don't hear any wacky Campilongo stuff on this, but there is a tele player on board. This album sounds good, but a lot of covers played in a mild way... it sounds good, but isn't that memorable.

    Mudville sounds great, with of without Jim, although haven't really listened to them.

    I remember digging Cake those years ago, though it always seemed to me like a band with good tone and feel but an empty core.

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