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Bb Steel Guitar Lesson
  • Hello,
    Should the first diagram on the second row of the pdf be starting on the 5th fret or 4th like written? It sounds like it should be the 5th to me.

    Great lessons by the way. I've done the Rockabilly Jazz, Blues, Panhandle Rag, Bb Jazz Blues, and now this steel guitar one. What would you recommend next?
  • Hey. You're right. Its the same position as the 'last diagram' on 'row one' but you put your pinky to the 'eigth fret' '5th string' and just play the triad shape that is on the diagram you are talking about.

    Try the Country lead in G Lesson: It helps put leads in context of the chords in a VERY fun but helpful way. Great examples of how a lead over specific changes can take many different forms. Easy to transpose and easy to start building your own licks and things. Hope that helps.


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