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  • Just received this guitar and think it is absolutely tiptop. I am very inexperienced at guitar and technical issues so I hope this is not a bonehead question. i notice that the "D" string has a jingle/ring to it when strummed; not present on any other strings, and this is reproducible both when plugged into amplifier or with no amplification. This is not a big deal and i am not an experienced musician; I know this is a top-loaded guitar and wonder if it is related to the way the string is set-up; any expertise or advice is greatly appreciated.
  • Most of my Fenders have a bit of a headstock ring like you describe. Does it stop if you lay your finger across the strings behind the nut?
  • Twang still present when i put finger along string behind nut; it seems to be present/accentuated when i strum the string pretty firmly; if i lightly strum it, it won't make the sound; it almost seems like a vibration. When i strum it along the soap dish area where Jim does behind the last pick-up, it does not happen as often; Thanks for info
  • Hey Hamate,
    dose the string buzz only when you play an open note or is it also happening when you play fretted notes on the "D" string? Does it happen when you fret certain notes, like 2nd, 5th and 11th ......or all the fretted notes?
    Seems I remember a commercial I saw on TV a few years back for AAMCO transmissions. There was this unkempt employee that's leaning on a broom, clad in greasy coveralls n wearing a beatup baseball cap. He's listening to a conversation between his boss n a customer bout a problem the customer is havin with their car. With a look of elated confusion mixed with confidence on his face he blurts out to the boss in a voice that rang true of "Lenny" in the "Grapes Of Wrath", "Let me try n fix it, Boss, Let me try n fix it! I always wanted to try n fix a auteematic transamission"!
    I don't know much about transmissions or guitars either, but I have had some guitars that buzzed and I was able to reduce or stop the buzz on some. Maybe you could take it to the store you bought it at and they can tell ya what's going on with it? Maybe the nut is cut a little bit low? Maybe the bridge saddle is a bit low? Maybe you got a low or high fret, depending on how you look at it.
    Sure does get me to thinking. .............................................................I think I'll go listen to my guitar now.
  • Start with a change of strings.
  • Thanks; definitely going to do that.

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