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The amazing Duke Levine
  • Thought I'd share my appreciation for one of the best guitarists I've ever seen and heard -Duke Levine. Duke covers a huge territory of styles while always sounding like "him". His lead lines are "perfect", yet raw and exciting - and his steel guitar sounds are unique and groundbreaking. Additionally, he's a super nice person ... Thanks for everything Duke, you are an inspiration to all of us. And by the way, Dukes cohort Kevin Barry is an amazing player in his own right- who currently has the Rosanne Cash gig. Too much!

  • +1. I only have "Country Soul Guitar" but have been looking to pick up some others... if you have any particular recommendations..... (I know, I know, "they're all good" LOL)
  • ha ha They are all good!

    Aside from the great playing, Duke writes good songs, about the melody and mood - seriously, they are all worth getting.
  • One of the best reasons to live in Boston. Any time you need inspiration you can find Duke playing somewhere. I made damn sure the first live music my one year old Son ever heard was Duke.
  • Duke Levine is fantastic indeed! I have Beneath the Blue - amazing record - highly recommended!
  • Oh wow, I love this guy. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    How sad that I am just about to visit Boston for the first time and he will be on the road at the time : (
  • Duke Levine sounds great man Top!

    Netherlands (Europe)
  • Here's my favorite Duke clip on youtube.
  • Another good one! Thanks
  • I'm not exactly sure how to post videos on here, but I like what Duke does with The Beatles tune Strawberry Fields.

  • Copy and paste the url of the video - Thanks
  • Wow. That was easy. Thanks, Jim.

  • I'm recovering from knee surgery this week and I've basically been spending my time listing to Jim and Duke, so this post was right on the money for me!
  • Does anyone know if he offers lessons?

    Wish I was aware of him while I lived in Boston.
  • So I'm a little late to the party having just recently discovered Duke Levine. Love his playing though. Here's one of my favorites:
  • I posted about Duke about 8 months ago? But I'm delighted to see this thread pop up again. Duke is one of the premier musicians around today. I love how the music always comes first - yet his playing is innovative at the same time. He's a fantastic "Pop" guitarist too -like Mike Campbell and George Harrison on steroids -and his "truck playing" is jaw dropping.

    And yes- he's a super nice guy!

  • OK, going to download Beneath The Blue now....

    (BTW have been listening to Campy all day: American Hips, then Heaven Is Creepy :)
  • Since my last post I have downloaded Country Soul Guitar and Lava, and yes, they are all good - really! haha

    Here is a direct link to his store: http://dukelevine.com/store/

    I am really looking forward to his new CD, due for release in March.
  • Country Soul is the only one I have had. I dig it! Thanks for the info on his new CD... I'll have to go like him on FB so I get updates.
  • Ha ha ha. Love this man's playing.
    Never heard of him before so thanks for all your posts.
    What a player!!
    It's so fantastic discovering a new musician who knocks you out.
  • Fabulous thanks for sharing!
  • Jim..Next to my kids being born and getting married, one of the best nights of my life was seeing you and Duke play together at Atwoods in Cambridge back in 2014. I hope you can make up to the Boston area again. Somewhere I have a video of you and Duke playing "Mr. Sandman.." If I can find it, I'll post it here..
  • This was a pretty special night!!image
    IMG_2125.jpg 42K
  • Duke's new album, "The Fade Out" is out today!
  • Its so good!!!!!

    Been on repeat all day at work.
  • Just stumbled across this, and I thought I'd pile it on top of the Duke love. It's such a beautiful song that I can't stop listening:

  • Beautiful. Duke is so so so great... He makes me proud to play guitar.
  • Glad to find this thread. What beautiful playing. Thanks for all these great videos. Next stop Amazon!
  • I listen to Jim and Duke pretty much every day, and pretty much every listen I find something new to marvel at.
  • I agree. I keep buying more mp3 samples of both and now have quite a collection. Have been listening every morning the last couple of weeks.
  • Yes, thanks to recent Duke threads here and over on TDPRI, I now own the entire Duke catalog. (I've owned Jim's entire catalog for quite awhile now)

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