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Little Willies
  • I understand a new Little Willlies record is in progress. What's the status?
  • We are recording and finishing up an album we recorded last year...
  • very cool! I'm looking forward to it. the first one was one of my favorite albums that I could listen to over and over.
    And I must confess The Willies is how I found Jim. I had seen great writeups of the Ten Gallon Cats for a number of years. But I figured he was another Tele shredder like the Hellecasters, and a handful of many Tele greats...and how many albums can I purchase in the same vein was my thinking. Norah Jones was very big at the time and I really enjoyed her music, so I heard she was doing some Country stuff including this guitar player from the Ten Gallon Cats, it sounded intriguing. With the modern magic of YouTube I found "Gotta Get Drunk" which was right up my alley being a rockabilly and swing player, and I searched for the other clips on YouTube. The one that sticks out in my mind is this one. At 2:15 Jim starts in with his solo, at 2:24 his bandmate and rhythm guitar player swings his head around in humorous astonishment(which was the exact feeling I had). I was done, baked, over, I started sending these links off to my other guitar friends that I knew would "get it". I bought all his albums, got a few lessons on line and put down my other guitars and played my tele more frequently. I have come to appreciate my smaller amps much more. I have also learned to not just play a song, but to focus on making each note count with feeling and thought put into phrasing that matches the words in the song or the feeling at that moment in the song. Here's the clip that flipped my lid. As brief as the solo is, it's great.
  • @floridaskater i've never seen that clip before, thank you so much for posting this , u just made my day!
  • March 30th Norah Jones will be on Letterman with Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis. ...who knows maybe she will mention the future "Willies" album in the works.
  • yeah 'gotta get drunk' guitar solo's are rivetting for me too...... and the best is the band is grinning like cheshire cats from ear to ear ........ great that they too have fun cos it certainly puts a bounce in my day to hear that solo , actually both of them.....

    and yeah you said you discovered jim with the Little willies, for me i watched the princeton amp demo that jim does not knowing him at all before.and wow what he did there blew me away and like you just watched clip after clip of his stuff, my current favourite is that live you tube clip of "watching you drown" gives me goose bumps to hear such a passionate feel ..........
  • I've always had a crush on Norah. Beautiful voice, so talented, and so attractive. Love the Willies! Looking forward to it!
  • Great photo from the latest Little Willies gig........Hot Off The Press!!!!
    Photo By Dina Regine: http://www.djdinaregine.com/Home.html
    Willies.jpg 41K
  • WOAH!! What's that amp, Jim??? it's not a Princeton or Vibro-Champ!!! Did you go tweed on us?!?
  • Because of the big/small size of Rockwood NYC I used a Carr Rambler that I like. The next Willies Rockwood show I used my BF Princeton. It was perfect...
  • Rambler! Should have known... you can't go without your reverb & tremolo!

    Speaking of amps with R & T, have you tried any of the Swart stuff? Supposed to be phenomenal. I know Ludlow carries them.
  • I can't wait for the new The Little Willies record. The first one is one of my favorite records and was on steady rotation in my car for a couple of years. Just as "Orange" is now.

    The free and wild feel the songs have is really cool and it seemed everybody was having a good time playing together.
  • Woo hoo! A cosmic treat to anticipate. Thanks for the photo, RightHandMan. Speaking of Little Willies photos, one of my favorite pictures of Jim is the back cover shot from their first record. A gloriously weird expression - he looks like Stan Laurel! Thank you Little Willies, for being so superb.
  • I sure hope it comes out on vinyl as well as the usual formats. It took forever, but I finally found the original record on vinyl, and it makes me ridiculously happy every time I listen to it, which is ... often.
  • I have the "baby" five watt Swart - and it is just a phenomenal amp. I do wish it had reverb, though. I've even been to the garage where Michael Swart makes 'em in Wilmington NC! For one having to travel light it would be a fine small gig amp. It makes even my fumbling through "Swinging With the Cats" sound good!

  • Any new news on the new Willies album? :)
  • Saw the video, awesome. At first I thought George Clooney was playing guitar for the Willies, then I realised Jim had gone au naturel with the color and the crew cut. Nice one Jim.
  • So... No news on the new Little Willies album?
  • That's GREAT news! Thank you very much!
  • Great - can´t wait to hear it! I see the album includes a composition credited solely to you, too!
  • Jim, we are going to try to fly up from FL to the Hamptons venue. The show should be awesome!
    Steve M
  • a change in plans ...


    Oct. 28, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

    Oct. 29, Westhampton Performing Arts Center, Westhampton, NY

    Oct. 30, The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

  • got my tickets for the brooklyn show. very excited!
  • Great ... here's more info


    3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3402
    More info call: 215.222.1400 - http://philly.worldcafelive.com/

    76 Main Street, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
    More info call: 631.288.1500 - http://www.whbpac.org/

    149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    More info call: 718.643.6510 - http://www.thebellhouseny.com/

  • I'm in NYC on the 29th. Anybody know if it's feasible to go to Westhampton beach and back to the city again on Saturday? Or is it too far? (a long drive)
  • Here are some driving directions:

    From personal experience that drive shouldn't take an hour and 50 min. I'm usually pushing 80 most of the way and I can make it in an hour and and 20 min. (maybe less SOMETIMES) - its a pretty straight shoot. If I were you I'd drive out to Montauk (which adds about 30 min.) in the afternoon - grab a lobster role during the day...check out the cold but pretty beach. Then drive back to Westhampton for the show. By the time you get out of the show it should also be a pretty quick trip back to NYC. Depends how adventurous you feel like getting but it could be a fun outing.

  • I know I'm a little late but just found out about The Little Willies being added to Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit Concert next weekend. Not sure I can make it but at least I'm in for Jim at Yoshi's. Hopefully someone that attends will write something. Looking forward to the new album too.
  • Any release date for the album yet?
  • Yes, the Willies "For the Good Times" will be released in Jan 2011
  • uh... 2012? :)
  • It's a retro thing.
  • Sorry ... I meant 2012...
  • Jim, did you guys re-record the song "For the Good Times" for the new record or is it the one that was floating around with the last record? If I recall correctly it was a single that was added on. Always loved that tune... and speaking of that tune, here's another cover of it by Jamey Johnson. Quite possibly my favorite pedal steel playing of all time right here:
  • I'm not trying to sell anything, but this felt great to see. Thought some might be interested in the cover ...

  • ...only because i'm IN LOVE with Norah!! lol (no offense to the guys in the band ;)
  • excellent! congrats Jim! When will it be on iTunes? (i've got some gift cards at iTunes I need use)
    ....and when will there be some tour dates?
  • I would think Willies will be available in all mediums around Jan 10 2012... We will be on Letterman Jan 10 - and there might be a NYC gig too. Not much else to report, thanks for asking.
  • Come to Charleston! You can all stay at my place!!!
  • Wait a minute! Where are JIM's hands? Hah-hah! Very racy and amusing cover. Now you know I'll buy it.

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