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Future Campy collaborations?
  • Dunno if this has ever been discussed before, so if it has, I apologize...

    SO we know and love the collaborations with Norah and Martha. and I've seen the wiki page with the many projects he's been on. guessing a lot of session work. most of it I don't know.

    who would you dig hearing Jim collaborate with? here's a few I could envision:
    Nick Cave
    Tom Waits
    PJ Harvey
    Tori Amos
    Emmylou Harris
    Chryssie Hynde
    Aimee Mann
    Iggy Pop
    Ryan Adams.
    and why not good old Willie Nelson
  • I'd like to see him on a "Tele Nerds" tour with Guthrie Trapp, Redd Volkaert, etc.
  • Jim contributed "left channel telecaster guitar" to one song on one of my absolute favorite albums of all time, "Showface" by Ursa Minor. Separate from Jim's role in the album, which is a small but significant one...that album as a whole is just done so perfectly. It is amazing. You can get it on bandcamp.com. (Tony Scherr is in that band)

    Also Jim has said he may record an album with Honeyfingers.

    Also I once saw him play in a band with Jon Graboff on pedal steel which was unreal. Very very smokin.

    Obviously he has a history with Norah Jones singing, but Norah has become an excellent guitar player too. She is no Jim but she is great at what she does and has mastered the art of playing the vibrato on her guitar and the effects on her amp/pedal(?). I'd love to see Jim play alongside her on some of her regulars, old country tunes or otherwise. Maybe a couple from the Willies but I mean more her stuff with Puss n Boots. I'm sure her style is heavily influenced by him, but she has a sound and technique very much all her own. She is nasty!
  • I'd love to hear something with Nels Cline. I know they've done some shows together over the years, but I've never been able to find any youtube clips or anything.
  • Nels is terrific!! that would be an interesting collaboration.

    checked out that Ursa Minor track. that's pretty sweet. I will purchase that one.

    Redd V is a monster player.
  • I have also seen Jim play with Mark Ribot which was a totally rippin version of 3rd Stone from the Sun. There is a video of that on YouTube. Have yet to catch a show with Nels but the idea of doing so is heavilly on the radar.

    Also recently/presently Jim has some shows scheduled with Luca Benedetti among other band members, but they are not listed as Honeyfingers shows. I'm not sure what tunes they are playing, but will try to catch that lineup soon. Luca and Jim complement each other very well. I would question if any of the suggestions any of us have made could possibly sound as tight as Jim and Luca do, when they play the twin teles.
  • Sweet video! Thanks for posting that. What is that song? It sounds familiar.
    I just love youtube and the recommendations on the sidebar on the right. That Nels and Campy video ended up showing me the link to a Nels and Julian Lage video. THAT video showed me the link to an hour long "Bill Frisell plays John Lennon" video from La Villete Jazz Festival. I could kill days just following the trail of cool videos that youtube sends me on.
  • Live that Nels / Campy vid!

    Anyone hear of Big Lazy? I dunno if they're still around. Saw them live a few times. It would be fun to hear Jim playing with them. Stephen Ulrich scored the 1st season of Bored To Death which was terrific.

    Not a lot of BL vids online but here's one I found.

  • The tune played by Jim and Nels Cline is "Dedicatoria" by Enrique Granados. If you are a classical fan, check out Julian Bream's "The Music of Spain," which is split between compositions by Granados and Albeniz. Dedicatoria is the first piece. Beautiful tone.
  • I actually had no idea that it was a Granados song Jim and Nels were playing! Many thanks for the heads-up!

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