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What's your current favorite Campilongo song?
  • For me, it's "The Grass is Greener" from "Table for One". For some reason that song is really resonating with me these days. Indeed, that entire album is speaking to me now.

    My second choice, oddly enough, would be Jim's improv playing on the Chet Song lesson. The liveliness reminds me of Chopin, whom I dearly love.

    What about you? What's your current favorite?
  • I would agree about the improv playing on the Chet Song lesson. I actually started a thread a while back about how much I learned from that section of that lesson. Great song, great lesson.
    My current favorite is probably either Huckleberry or Maceo. They're both such pretty melodies. I think subconsciously I might like them because none of the licks seem too fast for me.
  • My current favourite is the same as always. Wishful Thinking. Why? Because my introduction to Jim was the Fender Princeton promo video and Wishful Thinking is the first music played as Jim enters the Living Room and unpacks. Hauntingly slow version, dripping with depth. Man, that 40 seconds was life altering. Seriously!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    My current favorite is called "Last Night This Morning". Not sure it's on any of the albums, but please correct me if wrong :)

    I've seen Jim doing it with Luca a few times now. Just the most lovely interweaving/overlapping/call_and_response phrasing between the two guitars.

    Best wishes.
  • Hard to pick just one as you all know. Jim has so many tunes and constantly performing new tunes that all have his signature licks. My "favorites of the week (or month)" are in regular rotation, but right now I am really enjoying Jim's interpretations of some cover tunes, particularly "She's a Woman" and "Manic Depression."
  • Agree with the "Favorites of the week (or month)" concept!

    And thanks for capturing my current favorite in your video in the thread from the show on May 12th. For those interested, it starts at the 4:50 mark on the 1st video posted in the thread.

  • I'd have to say currently it's 'Table For One'. It's a great lonesome telecaster tune. I feel it also embodies Campilongo's 'vibe'----which to me is New York Cool. If you're cool in New York you can still do the country twang stuff.

    The title of the tune---I'd be disappointed if it was done with another type of guitar other than a telecaster. I'm a certified guitar dork - love them all----but am partial to telecasters.

  • Thanks for posting the LNTM video Campinout!!

  • I had to edit down my post above, turns out there is a chance I have some of the song titles mixed up...suffice it to say I do not know the name of all Jim's tunes, but I do know they are all pretty rippin!

    Sanj, you're welcome. happy to share.
  • Lately, it's been Backburner.
  • I'm Helen Keller and You're a Waffle Iron

    It's my favorites Jim Campilongo song
  • ^^^ I love that song, and it that might be the greatest song title of all time!!!
  • there's no wrong answer now is there.

    Rooted Like a Tree is always at the top of my list.

    Cock N Bull Story is a recent favourite.
  • [Quote=]there's no wrong answer now is there[/Quote]

    Yes - there are so many good tracks, so i cant say that this or that Number i like best.
    Maybe it is "no fun" - that number touches me in a special way.
    What i like is "Helen Keller...." especially the end is extremely cool. And "Finger Puppet" - the Part where Jim is tuning down the E String - ingenious, brilliant!
  • The Past is Looking Brighter and Brighter!
  • Hi,

    I'm new here, but really pleased to join you guys and thought this might be a good place to start getting involved!

    I'd have to say that I think my favourite JC song is probably Fingerpuppet. Those tones are so grungy and so sweet at the same time. I'm a sucker for the heavier/more raw songs of his. Perhaps one day I'll get some of those out of my Tele/Princeton combo! (doubt it, somehow)
  • Count me in as far as my favorite song from Jim changing often. Right now it's "Blues for Roy." I love how the song builds from simple chords to single note runs with volume swells and eventually returns to the simple chord structure of the intro. My absolute favorite part is how you can hear Jim switch to the bridge pickup right before the volume swells. Very cool.

    Edit: Stumbled across a video of Jim playing it live. Looks like he's doing tone swells, not volume swells.

  • My favorite tends to be "Watching You Drown In a Mud Puddle".
  • My baseline, Jim tune is "Monkey in a Movie." I use that one to introduce people to his music.
  • I've really been digging Jim's take on Manic Depression lately. It took a while to get into it. I like the sonic exploration he takes.

  • "Blues For Roy" - the magical moment when you hear the pickup selector go to the bridge p/u.
  • Depending on my mood for the day: "Awful pretty, pretty awful" or "Backburner"...

    Looking forward to see and hear Jim perform live at The 55 Bar next Sunday!
  • Today it's The Past Is Looking Brighter And Brighter.
  • Tough question, depends on playlist shuffle in my iPod. I recently bought the lesson on "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" so that's on almost continuous replay and always makes me smile... "Cock and Bull Story" is quickly becoming my favourite Dream Dictionary tune.
  • I was just watching the live clip of "Blues for Roy" above, and it dawned on me that the neck on Jim's 59 Tele looks different. I'm pretty sure the body is the same. I can see the missing chip on the pickguard. But the neck looks way glossier and cleaner. Jim, if you're reading this, did you retire the neck on your 59? And if so, what did you use to replace it?
  • It's the same neck as always - maybe it's the lights?
  • I remember one YT video Jim was talking about his '59 and how the end of his neck reminded him of a little old lady's bony wrist. :D
  • Glad to hear it's just the lighting. And I hope I haven't started a terrible rumor. At least you were around to refute it immediately. :)
  • Sometimes Jim uses his custom shop 59 tele from Fender of recent "reissue." Not sure if I can tell the difference though. Sometimes I wonder myself and that is from just a couple feet away. The lights can def play tricks on your eyes. To tell them apart by sound, for me, would be close to impossible. Both sonically and aesthetically, I would need them both together at the same time to compare. Although, that that is far from necessary.
  • I just want to clarify my last post, to define "sometimes" by saying, Jim has the real1959 tele most or all of the shows. Every now and then because of the lights, or for whatever reason, I wonder if it is the new one. Id say 95 percent of the time there's no doubt it's the old one. Jim told me he plays the new ones though.
  • It could be only psychological, but to my ears the 59 always sounded a bit more "acoustic" (judging by the videos alone of course). Other than that, if the light do not help to see the neck, I believe you can always tell the original 59 from the custom shop by the unmistakable broken pickguard on the 59...;)
  • Favorite song?? I would be hard pressed to come up with a favorite album! I suppose if my iPod got stuck in an "Orange" rotation for an extended period of time, I'd be OK with that! :)

    Jim is one of those writers that gets me grooving a lot, but then takes me to the edge of my comfort zone. I love being at the edge of my comfort zone, that's where the greatness happens for me!
  • Pressed to pick, I'd have to say "Lipton Tea". I just find the melody magical. It's just one of those pieces of music where -every- note is the -perfect- note. Kinda' hard to explain...

    It must be my favorite, it's the only LMB I have purchased! (altho, I DID just download Jim's Truefire course, and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.)

    I'm sure more LBM's are in my future.
  • "Because my introduction to Jim was the Fender Princeton promo video and Wishful Thinking is the first music played as Jim enters the Living Room and unpacks. Hauntingly slow version, dripping with depth. Man, that 40 seconds was life altering. Seriously!!"

    COULDN'T AGREE MORE. That wasn't necessarily my into to Jim, but it IS the first time I said to myself "woah- what's THIS?" Haven't looked back since!
  • my first post here ... just want to say how much I love Jim's appreciation for the quiet, spacious, lonesome, and risky. Especially regarding what I consider to be his "3 AM ruminations" like "Pepper" and now the great "Alana." Marvelous. Timeless.
  • New favorite is "Rooted Like a Tree" - so many great parts to that tune.
  • "just want to say how much I love Jim's appreciation for the quiet, spacious, lonesome, and risky."

    That's one of the best and most accurate descriptions I've heard of Jim's style. Bravo!

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