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Almost Christmas!
  • Jim's recent email reminded me that I didn't have his Almost Christmas album so I downloaded from iTunes this morning. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but I'm diggin' it so far! The tremolo on Blue Christmas knocks me out.

    Christmas + Teles = awesome

  • Thanks so much Dakota- making that record was a joy and I'm quite proud of most of it.

  • +1 !!! It's on "regular rotation" here during the holidays! Another good tele xmas album (altho very country-fried) is Brad Paisley's "Christmas".

    Hey Jim- I know you are a big vinyl collector, ever run across any Xmas albums from some of the "forefathers" we have discussed here on the forum? Jimmie Rivers, George Barnes, Jimmy Bryant, etc etc etc.....? Any "oldie gems" for you to recommend?
  • "Everybody mambo!" LOL!
  • I like this one and the Chet Atkins Christmas record is pretty good too... (don't ask me why it's upside down)
    photo-6 copy.jpg 50K
    photo-6 copy 2.jpg 50K
  • Neat! That one looks like it must have been made after Don Rich's death, unfortunately (I found online album credits, but Don Rich is not listed). It is available on itunes for those interested in checking it out.
  • Ruger - The album is from 1965, so Don played guitar on it!

    Another fine one is Willie Nelson's Christmas album.
  • I have Willie's, "Pretty Paper". LOVE his vocal phrasing.
  • I Wanna thanks Jim for the free download off "Silent Night" I have a lot off fun with it.

    Thanks Jim !
    It is my Chritsmas Hit for this year.

    (Netherlands - Europese)
  • You are so so so so welcome!

    Happy holidays Clavan!
  • Recorded with my Nexus5 smartphone today ;-)
    Have a lot of fun with the free download tabs

    Silent Night (cover with my ES175): http://youtu.be/LbELzi7jI3w

    Thanks Jim
    I'm making progress ;-)

    (Netherlands - Europe)
  • Clavan - Bravo! Thanks for posting! and happy holidays - Jim
  • Thanks for the lovely arrangement of Silent Night. Xmas Eve found me working through the tune by the fire; also on my ES-175. I had a bit of the holiday blues but this set me straight.

    Keep on rockin' in the new year!

  • You are welcome and happy new year!

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