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New LsL T-Bone
  • I got a new LsL T-Bone today; I'm thrilled with it. Pickups are great, the neck is a little chunky, which I quite like and the workmanship is top notch. I've attached picture; I'll replace the pickguard with a white one soon.

    Dorenda.jpg 35K
  • I should also say that I had the pickups replaced in my American Special and got that back yesterday too. It was a good day! I had pickups made by Jeff Callahan (http://www.callahanpickups.com/), which have transformed the guitar (nothing against the Texas Specials that came with it). Thanks to CWilliams who put me in touch with Mark Stoleson and Mike Whitney who did a really fabulous job of rewiring and re-potting the guitar. I should learn how to do these things myself, I know, but their work, and knowledge, is well beyond my pay grade.
  • That's a really cool-looking guitar.
  • I am glad it all worked out! Both of them have been very kind to me since I met them a handful or years ago. They are actually in the process of re-finishing and re-fretting my 54' tele!
  • I want to hear that Tele when it's done! (I want to hear your rewired PRRI too!).
  • I had an opportunity to trade for a new LsL yesterday and I took it. This one is an LsL Bad Bone 190 with a P-90 in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge, and a tapped coil. It's swamp ash (the other T-bone is sugar pine), so heavier and a different animal than the T-bone. In the middle position with the amp set right it sounds like the reminder of a Telecaster. I think it's going to be an interesting guitar to get to know.

    IMG_0047.jpg 20K
  • Here's a better, more in focus picture, from the shop.

    LSL_S_Danica_II_Bad_Bone_190_F.jpg 15K
  • This last one, looks very very Nice!

    (Netherlands - Europe)

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